Cataclysm 80 - 85

Mount Hyjal  
The Twilights Hammer has begun an assault on the World Tree in Mount Hyjal. During the initial approach from Moonglade, Deathwing is seen with a new returned Ragnaros. A warning is sent to Ysera, who has come from within the Emerald Dream to aid the Guardians of Hyjal. Malfurion Stormrage leads the Guardians forces against the Twilights Hammer, who are trying to free Fandrel Staghelm from his imprisonment near the summit. Alrysa has Staghelm moved to the Moonglade to avoid his release. Ysera believes the ancients can be reborn, as the barriers Deathwing broke to cause the Shattering also weakened the barriers keeping the Ancients from returning. At the Shrine of Lo’Gosh the Twilights Hammer is corrupting the area to harness the Ancients power. The Shrine is cleansed and Lo’Gosh returns to the mortal realm. A gateway into the Firelands near the shrine is being used to move arms into Hyjal. The gateway is breached and the weapons are destroyed. Harpies at the Shrine of Aviana have been stealing eggs for the Black Dragon Sethria. Aviana is trying to return via one of these eggs and Sethria is trying to corrupt her. A raid on Sethria’s Roost recovers the egg of Aviana. Sethria is slain, Aviana returns to the world, and Sethria’s Firelands Hatchery is destroyed. At the Grove of Aessina, one of Ragnaros’ Generals is burning the forest. After the wildlife is rescued, Tyrus Blackhorn, a satyr in the Burning Legion helps to destroy general but uses the opportunity to escape his imprisonment, escaping to parts unknown. In the Flamewake, the Twilights Hammer have captured Tortolla the Ancient and the Usurper Nemesis is destroying the Valley. Tortolla is set free and begins to work at restoring the land. Nordu the Ancient sacrifices himself to awaken Aessina, who stops the fires and restores the mountainside, creating the Regrowth. Tortolla goes on the Offensive pushes Nemesis and his forces onto the scorched plains where the Guardians of Hyjal rally. Nemesis is chased into the Firelands and destroyed. The Twilights Hammer is infiltrated at the base of Hyjal and the rivalries between the Ogres and Non-ogres are pushed into open conflict. Jarod Shadowsong is rescued during the ensuing chaos. Rallying with the other Ancients and Ysera at the gates of Sothann, Cenarius is brought back to the world. Malfurion Stormrage, Hamuul Runetotem, and Cenarius confront Ragnaros directly, forcing him back into the Firelands, as the other Ancients destroy his armies. 

Blackrock Caverns 
The Twilights Hammer is seen kidnapping elementals in Hyjal, taking them to the caverns beneath Blackrock Mountain. Finkel Einhron and Raz the Crazed are sent to investigate, but are ambushed upon arrival. Raz is mutated into a hulking brute, who once released begins a rampage through the caverns. It is revealed that the Twilights Hammer are using the energies from Netherwing Drakes to “bless” the worthy, turning them into dragonspawn. The rituals are disrupted, and the threat is eliminated, but Raz perishes in the process. 

The Horde seeks to control a new landmass that has appeared off the coast of the Eastern Kingdoms. A ship is sent from Bladefist Bay to the island but the ship is overtaken by a kraken. The crew is knocked overboard and many are captured by Naga. Erunak Stonespeaker rallies some of the crew in the hold of an overturned ship, including Legionnaire Nazgrim. Erunak sends for reinforcements, and Nazgrim prepares to fight the Naga. The Naga overwhelm the soldiers and kidnap Nazgrim but backup from the Earthen Ring arrives. Erunak and the Earthen Ring discover an orc named Gurrok in an underwater cave. He says the Naga are stealing both Alliance and Horde soldiers from ships. An assault on the Naga in Kelp’tar Forest results in many captives being released. Erunak presses deeper into Vashj’ir.  In Damplight Cavern, Farseer Gadra has a vision of the Abyssal Maw, the gateway to the Elemental Plane of Water, and discovers the Naga are working with the Twilights Hammer. A Naga assault is repelled, and Toshe Chaosrender leaves in persuit of their leader. The rest of the Earthen Ring takes refuge inside Silver Tide Hollow. Toshe catches up with Zin’jatar and kills him, finding a pearl in his possession. The pearl comes from Nespirah, a massive sea Ancient. Inside her shell, Naga are harvesting her pearls and using dark magic to force her into submission. Legionnaire Nazgrim is located within the shell and rallies his soldiers to overcome the Naga threat, freeing Nespirah. Nagrim’s Legion and the Earthen Ring escape to another cave, and Nespirah purges herself of the Naga. the Earthen Ring set out to investigate the Naga’s motives by exploring the sunken city of Vashj’ir. A series of vision quests reveal the Naga, under Lady Naz’jar, have retaken Vashj’ir from the Kvaldir, and have summoned Faceless Ones to aid in an assault on the Abyssal Maw. The Horde forces attempt to fight the Naga but are quickly overwhelmed. Fighting to the water’s surface, Nazgrim makes contact with the Horde Navy. The Horde fires up a submarine called the “Verne”, and searches out the kraken for some payback. The kraken escapes and the Horde sets up camp in its lair. L’ghorek, another Sea Ancient is being drained of its life energy, which is being used by the faceless Ones and the Twilights Hammer to create Ascendants, powerful super elementals. The rituals are stopped, but not in time to save the Ancient, or stop the assault on the Abyssal Maw. Nazgrim and Erunak attempt to help defend the Maw, but Neptulon, the Lord of Water, and his armies are overrun, and the Naga hordes rush into his realm. Erunak is grabbed by the kraken and dragged in as well. Nazgrim follows, intent on saving him. 

The Throne of Tides  
Nazgrim tracks Erunak to the Throne of Tides. Lady Naz’jar is slain and Erunak is rescued from a smaller kraken that controls minds. While attempting to help Neptulon cleanse his waters, the giant Kraken Ozumat attacks. The beast is repelled, but grabs Neptulon as it flees, dragging him to parts unknown. 

Thrall and the Earthen Ring are trying to fix the tear in the Maelstrom that Deathwing left when he forced his way out of Deepholm. They fear that Deepholm and Azeroth will collapse in on each other if it’s not mended. The tear can only be sealed if it is worked on from both sides. Within Deepholm the Earthen Ring searches for the three lost fragments of the World Pillar, a huge spire within the Temple of the Earth, in the hopes that it will help to fix the rift. The first fragment was on a horde ship that was gunned down en route to the temple. The eveidence makes it like the Alliance  did it. An Alliance gunship is discovered, overrun with Twilight’s Hammer cultists. They killed the crew, gunned down the ship, and took the fragment to the forgemaster at Deathwing’s Fall. The mysterious Twilight Council is mentioned during interrogations. The Forgemaster, Millhouse Manastorm is in Slivermarsh, meeting with Priestess Azil. They retreat to the Stonecore, entrusting the fragment to a twilight dragon named Abyssion. Abyssion’s camp is raided, the dragon is slain and the fragment is recovered. The second fragment is in the Earthen city of Stonehearth. Stonefather Oremantle of the Earthen has been kidnapped by stone troggs. The Earthen promise the fragment as a reward for helping rescue the Stonefather. A counterattack pushes the troggs out of Stonehearth back to Needlerock Slag. The Stonefather is rescued from the trogg chief Bouldergut, and the second fragmant is recovered. Therazane the Stonemother reveals that she has the third fragment. She attacks the Temple of the Earth demanding the Earthen Ring surrenders world pillar and leaves Deepholm. She has no love for those with flesh, as fleshlings killed her daughter in Marudon some years ago. Her people are appealed to and they suggest that she ally with the Earthen Ring to drive out the Twilights Hammer. Therazane agrees to hand over world pillar fragment if Eathern Ring march with her. They attack Twilights Hammer and kill many of their leaders, but Lorthuna escapes, them attempts to ambush the Earthen Ring at the Temple of the Earth as they begin to reassemble the World Pillar. She is slain by Maruut, and the Pillar is restored, help to fix the rift between Azeroth and Deepholm. Titan Technology is discovered with Deepholm. It’s a waygate that the Twilight’s Hammer planned to use to invade Uldum, as they discovered the Pryamid in the Makers Rise can be used as a weapon. A warning is sent to Garrosh. 

Milhouse Manastorm is pursued into the Stonecore. He is almost captured when a massive gyreworm bursts from the side of the cave and knocks him off the side, to a fate unknown. The Twilights Hammer is pushed out of the massive complex, and the Priestess Azil is slain. 


The Vortex Pinnacle
The counterattack against Skywall has begun!  While searching for prisoners taken from Orsis, Al’Akir’s Caliph Assad is discovered and slain as an act of vengeance for the dead in Orsis. 

Lost city of the Tol’vir
Siamat, envoy of Deathwing and member of the Council of Four Winds, is directing the Neferset actions in Uldum. Within the Lost City, Siamat is destroyed and the Neferset menace is defeated.

The Halls of Origination
Brann Bronzebread has made his way into the Halls of Origination. Brann and his companions overcome several traps, a trogg infestation, and the many guardians of the Temple in an attempt to locate the Re-origination device. At the top of the Temple, the device is located and secured, preventing Deathwing from using it to destroy all life on Azeroth.

Throne of the Four Winds
The remaining three members of the Council of the Four Winds mount a last ditch attempt to defend Skywall, but are ultimately defeated. Al’Akir himself enters the fray, but is also defeated, ending Skywall’s involvement with Deathwing and the Twilight’s Hammer.

Twilight Highlands 
Garrosh launches an attack the Twilight Highlands but the airships are torn apart by Deathwing and the Twilight Dragonflight. The survivors wash up at Dragonmaw Port. The Horde helps Zaela overthrow the leader of the Dragonmaw Orcs, as their leader has returned from Outland tainted with demon blood. Zaela meets with Garrosh, pledging the Dragonmaw to the Horde. The Dragonmaw subjugate dragons using a relic called the Demon Chain. A dragon named Torth gets free and attacks Bloodgulch. They attempt to recapture the dragon but it was willing to die before it would submit again. The Bloodgulch seer sends aid to the Earthen Ring. The Twilights Hammer has called forth a colossal beast called Iso’rath. The Earthen Ring plans to kill Iso’rath by dropping a powerful fire elemental into its mouth. The drop fails and the bombers are eaten, but The Earthen ring rallies inside the beast, killing it by destroying its brain. The Twilight Dragonflight is stealing Red Dragonflight eggs and taking them to Grim Batol, where they are corrupted, to create more Twilight Dragonflight. By assisting Calen, the Horde gains the trust of the Red dragons and they help the attack on Grim Batol. The attack on Grim Batol is a success, the entrance is secured and the fortress is attacked. Grim Batol is effectively cut off from the Bastion of Twilight, robbing the Bastion of reinforcements. Alexstrasza seeks to confront and kill Deathwing directly. She confronts him, lamenting that she must kill him as she did Malygos. She chastises Deathwing for wasting the gift of the Titans. Deathwing admits to serving the Old Gods, and battle ensues. The Red Queen is gravely wounded and believes Deathwing dead, but he rises as well, claiming the hour of Twilight is at hand. Both sides flee to recuperate. The red dragonflight decides that the Black Dragonflight must be wiped out and begin an attack in the Obsidium Forest. The obsidian broodmother is found and slain. The Red dragons agree to help the final assault on the Bastion. At Crushblow the Horde begins the assault on the Twilight Gate, with aid from The Forsaken, who are trying to mend the rift between Garrosh and Sylvanas. It is learned that the Twilight’s Hammer are making an artifact called the Hammer of Twilight with the power of an Old God. While attempting to claim the Hammer, Cho’gall appears, takes the Hammer and releases Skullcrusher the Mountain. The Forsaken Emissary, Garona, Zaela, and the Red Dragonflight combined forces to crush the Mountain. 

Grim Batol  
The Red Dragonflight attacks Grim Batol and the Twilight Dragonflight. The Twilights Hammer is using Faceless Ones to corrupt dragon eggs into Twilight Dragons. The Faceless are slain and Grim Batol is captured by the Reds. 

The Bastion of Twilight  
The headquarters of the Twilight’s Hammer is assaulted. Halfus Wyrmbreaker, several powerful ascendants, and many Twilight Dragons are slain. Cho’gall is confronted and killed at the Throne of the Apocalypse. Sinestra, the consort of Deathwing and creator of the Twilight Dragonflight, tears open the floor of the throne room and reveals a secret Twilight Clutch beneath the Bastion. She is slain and the clutch is destroyed.  

Blackrock Decent
The lair of Nefarian is invaded. The hideous creations of Maloriak are faced and slain. Maloriak is slain as well, putting an end to his cruel experiments. Nefarian,now an undead dragon, rises to challenge the invaders. He and his sister Onxyia have been raised by Deathwing to fight again. Onxyia is but a shell of her former self. Both dragons are slain again, putting an end to the foul children of Deathwing.

Patch 4.1 Rise of the Zandalari

Rise of the Zandalari 
The Zandalari have called for the Troll clans to unite and retake the lands of the once great troll empires of the past. The Darkspear have refused and sent out emissaries to warn those living in former troll lands. In Stranglethorn Vale, Bambala and the Nestingwary Encampment are under siege by serpents under the control of Venoxis, and a giant panther under the control of Kilnara. Grom’gol outpost is under siege by the forces of Mandokir. Hardwench Hideaway is overrun with zombies. Turns out Zanzil poisoned lunch. In Booty Bay, Vol’jin, makes the decision to attack the Gurubashi in Zul’Gurub.   

Zul’ Gurub 
The Gurubashi Trolls are confronted and defeated. Venoxis, Mandokir, Kilnara, and Zanzil are slain. Jin’do attempts to enslave the spirit of Hakkar, but his ritual is disrupted, and he is slain by Hakkar’s shade. 

Zul’ Aman  
Outside of Zul’Aman, Vereesa Windrunner, Halduron Brightwing and Vol’jin rally to put down the Amani response to the Zandalari uprising. The new Amani Warlord, Daakara,  is slain and the Amani threat is eliminated.

Patch 4.2 Rage of the Firelands  

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest
The Bronze Dragonflight discovers an event in the recent past that is blocked from their view by powerful magic. They construct a Timeless Eye, which when placed where the event occurred, will reveal what has happened. The event is revealed to have occurred within the Nexus. Tarecgosa helps to investigate, and the Eye reveals that Arygos, the son of Malygos, has made a deal with Deathwing to become the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight, and keep the Blue Dragonflight from interfering with the Hour of Twilight. This information is brought to Kalecgos, who travels to the Nexus to see for himself. He is ambushed on the way by the Twilght Dragonflight, and Tarecgosa sacrifices herself to save him. Kalecgos also witnesses what the events the Eye has revealed. During the Council to decide who the next Blue Aspect will be, he offers a powerful argument against Arygos, and becomes the new Aspect. Arygos, enraged by his dragonflight’s choice, curses them and flees. Tarecgosa’s spirit is placed into a branch from the World Tree, creating the powerful staff Dragonwrath.

The Molten Front 
Hamuul Runetotem and Malfurion Stormrage, lead an assault on a portal to the Firelands. Leyara, a Druid of the Flame and former friend of Malfurion’s, attacks but is pushed back. The forces of Ragnaros launch a counterattack, but the Anicent Malorne is reborn thanks to Malfurion and he repels the assault.  Leyana is cornered in some ruins by Hamuul Runetotem, but she escapes, gravely burning Hamuul. Malfurion leads his forces in the Firelands, establishes a base, and plants a seed to grow a tree that will act as a bridge between Azeroth and the Firelands. The Druids of the Talon and the Shadow Wardens are recruited to the effort. A moonwell is built, Ancients are brought in and the tree grows and prospers. Leyara is cornered in the Ignious Depths by the Shadow Wardens. Mulfurion confronts her, but is subdued. Leyara boasts of killing Hamuul, but Malfurion reveals Hamuul to be alive. Hamuul himself arrives and slays Leyara. The locket she wore is taken to Moonglade and it is revealed to have memories attached to it. Leyara was married to Valstann, Fandrel Staghelm’s son. He died in Silithus, after having a daughter with Leyara. Her name was Istaria. When the Horde invaded Ashenvale, Istaria was killed in the crossfire. A grief stricken Leyara, hiding in solitude on Mount Hyjal, was approached by the newly freed Fandrel, who recruited her, making her a druid of the flame. 

Elemental Bonds 
While attempting to heal the world tree with the combined force of the Cenarion Circle, the Earthen Ring, and the Dragon Aspects, Thrall is assaulted by Fandrel Staghelm and the Druids of the Flame. The mysterious Twilight Prophet has proclaimed the Hour of Twilight to be near, and they have come to remove Thrall from “the game”. He is torn into aspects of himself, and cast into the elemental realms. Aggra travels to the plane of wind to attempt to piece him back together. She faces down Thrall’s doubts, freeing a piece of him. She then travels to the plane of water, and is almost swept away by Thrall’s desires. Traveling to the plane of earth, she endures Thrall’s patience. She travels to the Firelands to face down Thrall’s wrath, and at last Thrall is made whole again. Returning to Hyjal, Thrall and Aggra are married beneath the world tree. 

The Fallen Guardian 
Alysra is confronted for releasing Fandrel Staghelm to the Twilight's Hammer. She resists and attacks, blaming Ysera for the Cataclysm. She is killed, but Druids of the Flame appear and resurrect her as Alysrazor. She retreats to the Firelands.

The Firelands
The Firelands are invaded! Alyrazor and Majordomo Staghelm are slain, and Ragnaros is confronted within Sulfuron Keep. After a long and difficult battle, Ragnaros is slain and the armies of the Firelands are defeated.

Patch 4.3 – The Hour of Twilight

End Time
Thrall and Nozdromu travel to the future in an effort to defeat the Infinite Dragonflight, who are preventing them from traveling to the past to claim the Dragon Soul, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Deathwing. In this future, the Hour of Twilight has happened and the Old Gods are free. Within the Bronze Dragonshrine, Nozdromu’s future self Muorzond, leader of the Infinte Dragonflight, reveals he has been trying to guide events into this future. He claims the alternative is even worse. He is ultimately defeated, which frees the timelines, allowing travel to the distant past. 

The Well of Eternity
Nordromu and his companions arrive at the time of the creation of the Dragon Soul: The War of the Ancients. While fighting through the armies of the Burning Legion, they receive unexpected help from Illidan Stormrage. After dodging Azshara, they are withness to the creation of the Dragon Soul above the Well of Eternity.  The Dragon Soul is claimed and Nordromu returns to the present time.

The Hour of Twilight
Thrall and his companions make their way to Wyrmrest Temple, as the Armies of Deathwing, the Twilights Hammer, and the Old Gods, converge to lay siege. Beneath the Temple itself, The Twilght Prophet reveals himself as Archbishop Lazaurus, and attempts to capture the Dragon Soul. He is defeated, and the final struggle with Deathwing begins. 

The Dragon Soul - The Siege of Wyrmest Temple
The siege of Wyrmrest is broken as the generals of the Old Gods are defeated. Atop  the ruined Temple, the Dragonflights attept to Charge the Dragon Doul with their power. An artifact known as the Focusing Iris is needed from the Eye of Eternity. Within the Eye, the Twilights Hammer attempts an ambush. The ambush is defeated and the Iris is brought back to Wyrmrest.

The Dragon Soul – The Fall of Deathwing
The Dragonflights, with Thrall standing in as the Aspect of Earth, charge the Dragon Soul to its fullest extent, and then attack Deathwing with it. Seriously wounded, Deathwing flees, and the chase is on! A strike force drops onto Deathwings’s back from an airship, and several of his Elementium plates are removed. Thrall attacks with the Dragon Soul again, hitting the soft spot and mortally wounding Deathwing, sending him crashing into the Maelstrom. At the Maelstrom, The Dragonflights face the full corruption of Deathwing, freed from his body by his many wounds. A final strike with the Dragon Soul destroys Deathwing, but the cost of victory is high. The Dragon Soul is sent back to it’s proper place in the timeline, and the Aspects surrender the last of their power. They are now mortal. Aggra is revealed to be pregnant, and Alexstraza declares the age of mortals to have begun.

Fangs of the Father
The Black Dragon egg purified by the Titan technology in the Badlands, is stolen from the Vermillion Redoubt by assassins. The Egg is tracked to Ravenholdt Manor and Corastrasza sends Mostrasz to investigate. The egg has hatched and the young black dragon, Wrathion, is unwilling to return to the captivity of the Red Dragonflight. He sends Mostrasz back with broken legs and a message to be left alone. Wrathion sends assassins out to kill off the remaining members of the Black Dragonflight. The remaining worgen in Gilneas have turned to a black dragon named Hiram Creed, and are drinking his blood to become empowered and defeat the Forsaken occupation. Wrathion’s assasssins slaughter Creed and move to their next target, Nalice, the former Black Dragonflight representative at Wyrmrest Temple. She has gathered a group of fanatics beneath Karazhan, where they hope to gain arcane power. She too is assassinated, and Wrathion sends his assassins to the Dragonblight to help destroy Deathwing. After Deathwing’s fall, the Red Dragonflight again attempts to capture Wrathion but he kills them. Wrathion turns on Fahrad, his protector and the last of the tainted Black Dragonflight, and kills him. Wrathion, free of the taint of the Old Gods, and the last of his kind, flies off to an unknown location.