Cataclysm 1 - 60

Level 1 - 60 zones

Worgen & Goblins

The nation of Gilneas is besieged by the Forsaken, who are held at bay by the Greymane Wall. Gilneas city is also under attack by feral worgen. King  Genn Graymane decides to free political prisoners under the leader ship of Lord Crowley, and the two forge an alliance to save Gilneas. Crowley covers the escape from the city, but is lost when worgen attack the Cathedral.The refugees of the city regroup at Duskhaven, where they learn that the worgen are their own people, transformed into mindless beasts. The Kings Alchemist creates a serum that allows the transformed citizens to regain control of their bodies. The victory is shortlived as the Forsaken launch an attack by sea. In the midst of the fighting, the entire area is lost to the sea as a massive earthquake rocks the land. Genn and the survivors move on to Stormglen, as a second quake destroys Duskhaven.In the woods around Stormglen a night elf named Belysra leads the survivors to the Tal’doren tree where the mystery of the Worgen curse is revealed. The curse has a night elf origin and was passed to humans. Crowley is reavealed to be alive, and the Night Elves give the Gilneans the power to control the curse. Genn reveals he too is a worgen. Lord Godfrey is disgusted by Genn’s affliction and kidnaps him. During the rescue attempt Godfrey kills himself, as he would rather be dead than a worgen. The Gilneans, having dealt with the Worgen problem, move against the Forsaken, who have occupied Gilneas City. Genn goes to fight Sylvanas one on one, but his son Liam intervenes and is killed. Afterward, Sylvanas meets with General Warhowl. Warchief Garrosh is bothered by the setbacks in Gilneas. Sylvanas is told not to use the forsaken plague but plans to do so anyway. Spies carry word to Genn, who evacuates the city. The Night Elves help the Gileans escape by sea, and offer them sanctuary in Teldrassil. Genn sets off for Stormwind, to secure the Gilnean’s place in the Alliance.

Deathwing sets off the volcano on the island of Kezan. Trade Prince Gallywix, seeing the chance to make a profit, sells passage off the island on his yacht. After charging massive fees he changes the terms of the deal, and locks his passengers up with the intent to sell them as slaves once they reach Azshara. On the way to Kalimdor, the ship encounters a naval battle between the Alliance and the Horde. The Alliance is after the Horde vessel’s cargo and wants no witnesses, so they sink Gallywix’s ship. 

The Lost Isles  
The ship’s wreckage washes up on an unknown island chain, and the survivors begin to set up camps. While scouting for resources, the goblins find an encampment of orcs, under the direction of Aggra. The Alliance has sunk there ship and stolen their cargo. The orcs set out to retrieve their belongings, fending off the hostile plant life and elite Alliance SI:7 agents as they cross the island. The Cartel helps the orcs to fight off the Alliance, and discover that the orc “cargo” is the former Warchief Thrall! Many of the goblins decide to move to the larger island after the discovery of a Town-in-a-box. After setting it up they realize its missing a refinery and a dock. The Trade Prince is missing too. While attempting to establish trade with neighbors on the island, a local group of Naga is found to be under the command of a Faceless One. A pygmy tribe attacks the town and kidnaps many goblins. The pygmy shamans are turning goblins into zombies, and then feeding them to a monstrous turtle living in the volcano at the center of the island. The turtle is slain in daring rescue mission as the volcano begins to erupt, destroying the town in a box. The Trade Prince kidnaps the remaining goblins, forcing them to work in a mine. Thrall locates Gallywix, and helps to free the enslaved goblins. Thrall confronts the Trade Prince and forces him to reform. He then invites the Bilgewater Cartel to join the Horde, which they gladly accept. The Cartel is sent to Orgrimmar to inform Garrosh of the events on the Lost Isles. Garrosh puts the goblins to work in Azshara, terraforming it into a giant Horde emblem.

Eastern Kingdoms 

Dun Morogh
Earthquakes have stirred up the troggs, causing all manner of headaches for the people of Ironforge. Futher, Frostmane Trolls in the area have been emboldened by the recent cataclysm and are making a play on territory in Dun Morogh. Still further, many of the Dark Iron dwarves have rebelled against Moria and her “halfbreed” son, instead allying with the Twilight’s Hammer. An open assault by the Dark Irons leads to a discovery of treachery in Ironforge.

In the wake of Operation: Gnomeregan, the gnomes have begun to rebuild what areas they have taken back from Thermaplugg and his goons. Currently they work to save whatever survivors they find within the irradiated halls of Gnomeregan. When one of Thermaplugg’s goons, Razio Crushcog tries to retake some of the liberated territory, The High Tinker leads a successful strike against him, and then vows to finish Thermaplugg once and for all.

Elywnn Forest
Northshire is invaded by the Blackrock orcs! As the human military pushes back, the orcs set the vineyards on fire!  A strike against the orc leader is successful in pushing the orcs back through a rift in the mountainside, caused by the earthquakes during the cataclysm. Kolbold infested mines, ravenous murlocs, and brutal knolls round out the troubles of Elywnn Forest. Some mild banditry is also active in the area.

Tirisfal Glades  
In Deathknell, Sylvanas has begun using Valkyr to create new undead, who aid the Forsaken in ridding Tirisfal of the last bits of the Scarlet Crusade and the remnants of the Scourge. Lilian Voss, a newly undead, has trouble coping with unlife. She seeks out her father, who is a prominent member of the scarlet crusade. He attempts to have her killed but she escapes, revealing a mysterious power. She then ambushes her father, kills him, and flees into the Plaguelands.           

Hard times have fallen on Westfall in the four years since Edward VanCleef was slain and the Defias Brotherhood was defeated. The poor and destitute masses crowd around Sentinel Hill and a shadowy figure works to recruit the downtrodden for a sinister propose. A murder in Westfall leads to the Deadmines, where it is revealed that Edward had a daughter named Vanessa. In a daring assault on Sentinel Hill, Vanessa reveals herself and openly declares the return of the Defias Brotherhood!

In an effort to retake the Deadmines, Stormwind moves against Vanessa’s newly reformed Defias Brotherhood. The newly recruited leaders of the Defias are defeated, and the Defias ship, the Juggernaut, is raided. Vanessa and her new Admiral are slain, once again ending the Defias threat.

Redridge Mountains 
A Gnoll uprising in Redridge is causing headaches for the citizens of Lakeshire. The Gnolls have formed an alliance with the Blackrock Orcs, and are kidnapping the citizens of Lakeshire. Raids on several of the Blackrock camps lead to the rescue of the members of Bravo Team, an elite group of Alliance soldiers. Bravo Team rallies at Camp Everstill and begin raiding orc camps in Renders Valley. The Lakeshire captives are rescued and bombs are planted, which turn the canyon into crater. They learn that the orcs have befriended the Black Dragonflight. Bravo Team assaults the orc stronghold Stonewatch and the Blackrock leaders are slain. Bravo Team pays the ultimate price to liberate Redridge, by slaying the leader of the black dragon forces, Darkblaze.

Silverpine Forest 
The Forsaken are waging war for control of Silverpine. The humans and worgen team up to resist. Sylvanas gets a surprise visit from  Garrosh. The incident at Wrathgate has left the horde distrustful of the Forsaken. Garrosh is displeased that Valkyr are being used to resurrect the dead and create more Forsaken. The Horde armies push south into Gilneas, on a mission to get the corpse of Lord Godfrey. Newly Undead, Godfrey kidnaps the daughter of the worgen leader, and uses her to force the worgen to retreat. Godfrey then assassinates Sylvanas, claims Silverpine for himself, and retreats to Shadowfang Keep. The Valkyr sacrifice themselves to resurrect Sylvanas. Godfrey is hunted down in Shadowfang Keep and exterminated.         

In Darkshire the Night Watch continue to protect the town from wild worgen in the surrounding woods. Sven Yorgen has fallen to the worgen curse but is restored to sanity by group of Gilneans trying to cure the worgen of Duskwood. Sven claims claims Morbent Fel, former leader of the Dark Riders has returned. In the catacombs beneath Raven Hill Morbent Fel is found newly reborn as a lich, but he is slain once again. Stalvan Mistmantle is tracked down by his brother Tobias and killed for murders he committed in Westfall.  The Hermit Abercrombie is revealed to be a necromancer!

Hillsbrad Foothills 
In the Sludge Fields, another renegade Forsaken attempts to create a new plague, as he dislikes Sylvanas’ use of Valkyr. In the ruins of Southshore, Orkus uncovers an Alliance scheme to retake Hillsbrad, and gives his life to prevent it.   

Arathi Highlands 
The Forsaken Army begins their march into Arathi.  Hammerfall continues to fight the local trolls and ogres, as well as the Alliance.  

The Hinterlands 
The Forsaken are researching spider venom, the Raventusks are now in open conflict with the Wildhammer dwarves, and the trolls at Jintha'Alor are still a problem.    

Northern Stranglethorn 
Zanzil the Outcast has mind controlled a young troll named Yenniku. Investigation reveals that Zanzil is raising an army in the Cape of Stranglethorn. Bloodlord Mandokir is resurrected on accident by a child of his raptor. He returns to Zul’Gurub with the raptor in tow. An attempt to help the raptor escape fails. 

Cape of Stranglethorn  
The Shade of Hexxer asks to Zanzil to ressurect High Priestess Jeklik and High Preist Venoxis. An attempt to kill Zanzil fails and he is chased into Zul’ Gurub. The resurrection of Jeklik is stopped, the resurrection of Venoxis succeeds. The Bloodsail Buccaneers and Booty Bay square off.  The Bloodsail recruit the Brashtide Crew, a bunch of Worgen pirates who fled the troubles in Gilneas. A battle takes place inside Booty Bay, and the pirates are defeated. 

Western Plaguelands  
The Cenarian Circle and the Argent Crusade , now based in Hearthglen,  are working to heal the land and free it from the Scourge. The Horde and Alliance are fighting over Andorhal, with Koltira Deathweaver leading the Horde forces and Thassarian leading the Alliance forces. The  Death Knights call a temporary truce to avoid fighting each other. Lindsay Ravensun forces the Battle for Andorhal to resume and the Alliance is defeated, but Thassarian escapes. Ravensun reveals she is Sylvanas in disguise, and accuses Koltira Deathweaver of treason. Koltira is chained up and jerked through a portal, to a fate unknown. 

Eastern Plaguelands  
Fiona’s Caravan makes its way to Lights Hope Chapel, having many adventures along the way. Lights Hope is now a small fortress, using its power to finish off the Scourge in the Eastern Plaguelands. Stratholme in the north is still a massive threat, and the Scarlet Crusaders to the south are an issue as well. An attack on the last of the Scarlet Crusade, now undead thanks to the Dreadlords, is successful in wiping most of them out. 

The Red Dragonflight comes to the Badlands to find a way to cure the Black Dragonflight. A Titan relic is found and used on a black dragon egg and the taint of an Old God is removed. Deathwing attempts to destroy the egg but Rhea of the Red Dragonflight sacrifices herself and one of her own eggs to deceive Deathwing and the real untainted egg is spirited away. 

Searing Gorge 
The Dark Iron Dwarves (the ones not loyal to Moria anyway) are under some new leadership! Archduke Calcinder, a servant of Ragnaros has taken over in the Searing Gorge. Working with the Thorium Brotherhood and its allies, a full on assault on the Dark Irons commences! Operation Stir the Cauldron commences and Calcinder is defeated.         

Burning Steppes 
Eitrigg, a friend of Thrall and former Blackrock clansman, and his son Ariok wage a war against the Blackrock clan, who are allied with the Black Dragonflight, to stop them from invading the Redridge Mountains. The rescue of some whelps convinces the dragon Acride to aid Eitrigg. The Blackrock clan is destroyed by Acride, who Eitrigg paints black to deceive the Blackrock.       

Swamp of Sorrows 
Murlocs, Gilbins, Makrura, and Naga are coming ashore because of the work of a Faceless One, a servant of an Old God. Lord Itharius of the Green Dragonflight needs help fighting the evils in the Sunken Temple. He sends word to Stonard to warn them, but they are at war with the Alliance and require aid to push back the invasion.    

The Blasted Lands 
The Demon Hunter Loramus was killed while hunting the demon Razelikh. Loramus is rebuilt with blood magic to finish the job. The Rockpool Murlocs are being enslaved and used as sacrifices by the Bloodwash Naga, who worship and serve Azshara. Aid is rendered where possible. Wormthorn, a worgen druid, is trying to heal the tainted scar. Wormthorn has fallen prey to the demonic energies within the scar and must be destroyed.      


After receiving a blessing from both the Red and Green Dragonflights at the wedding of Malfurion and Tyrande, the Night Elves home of Teldrassil has begun to show signs of corruption once again. This time, the Night Elves are able to force the corruption to the surface, causing it to manifest physically, at which point it is eliminated. However, without the blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight, the Night Elves still have not managed to restore the blessing of Immortality that they once had.

The Trolls have rebuilt a home for themselves. Vol'jin distrusts Garrosh and has retreated to the Echo Islands. Vol'jin consults with Thrall who helps put aside his fears... at least for now. The Sea Witch returns to re-enslave the trolls, but Vol’jin and the troll forces destroy her. The Alliance making moves on Durotar itself, with plans to burn Orgrimmar. They are forced back out of Durotar. 

The Quillboar are spooked by events in the Southern Barrens, and they are pushing into Mulgore, only to meet resistance from the Tauren. The Grimtotem clan is poisoning the Wells in Mulgore. Baine then leads a strike against them, pushing them into Stonetalon Mountains. 

The cataclysm has destroyed Auberdine and the survivors have gathered at Lor’danel. They are surrounded by enemies on all sides. In the north the Shatterspear Trolls have joined with Horde forces in an attempt to take Darkshore. The Forsaken are also searching the ruins of the tower of Althalaxx for leftovers from the Shadow Council. Night elves slay the Troll leader and rescue their hostages, ruining the Hordes plans. In the south, the Twilght’s Hammer plans to ambush survivors of Auberdine. They are using enslaved wind elementals to search the ruins of Auberdine. Malfurion gathers aid at the eye of the vortex, in an attempt to hold Darkshore together. Meanwhile the Twilight’s Hammer is digging up a long dead herald of the old gods named Sloggoth. Naga are aiding the Twilight’s Hammer and Azshara herself admits to distracting Malfurion to prevent him helping in Mount Hyjal. Sloggoth is awoken, but slain again before he can fully empower himself, as Malfurion moves on to Mount Hyjal.

The Naga and the giants are resisting the goblins efforts to makeover the land and much of the coast is a massive battlefield. The nightelves, are seeking arcane relics to use as weapons in Azshara. The blood elves find this amusing, and the Horde pushes them back into Ashenvale. Kalecgos seeks aid in track down Azuregos to enlist him in the fight against the Black Dragonflight. Deathwing’s forces try to make a move against the leaderless Blue Dragonflight in Azshara. 

Northern Barrens 
A Caravan from Durotar has problems with Quillboar all the way to Crossroads, then fights the Burning Blade all the way to Dreadmist Mountain. A rescue is mounted for a kidnapped brother, then the caravan moves on to Ashenvale. The undead are studying some of the wild regrowth in the Barrens around the Oases. The research is sent to an undead agent in Ratchet, but the data is intercepted, as Garrosh doesn’t trust the undead. Ratchet battles pirates, the Alliance, and the Venture Co. Stolen Venture Co. plans create the Samophlange.   

Open war with the Alliance! Splintertree Post is under siege. Kardak and Brutusk break the siege and repel the attack with felfire bombs. Garrosh is not happy at the news. He senses demonic activity. Durak is revealed to be a dreadlord! Zoram’gar Outpost is now a massive horde structure repelling a Naga assault on the beaches. At Hellscreams Watch horde forces engage the combined forces of the furbogs and the night elves. The Earthen Ring defeats the volcano lord magmathar, who has raised a volcano in the midst of Ashenvale. Silverwind Refuge is under horde control and being used as a staging area for the battles in Stonetalon Mountains.   

Stonetalon Mountains  
The war with Alliance continues. At Krom’gar Fortress a gnomish air assault is repelled. General Krom’gar believes the Alliance has a weapon of mass destruction and creates one of his own. At Cliffwalker Post it is learned that there is no Alliance WMD – they are trying to protect a druid school. Krom’gar destroys the school with his WMD, as Garrosh appears from a portal. Krom’gar is dismissed – over the side of a cliff. Heading south to protect the barrens it is learned that the Grimtotem and Alliance have teamed up, making the Grimtotem a larger threat. 

Southern Barrens  
The Alliance is trying to cut off horde from southern barrens. Honor Hold has fallen. The Horde uses high road through the mountains. Camp taurajo has been firebombed and siege engines are at the gate to Mulgore! Warlord Bloodhilt relieves Gar’dul of command at Desolation Hold and pushes back the Alliance. The Horde blows up the dwarven stronghold of Bael Modan in the south. Horde forces also strike against the Quillboar in the south coming out of Razorfen Kraul. Narlex, the sleeper from Wailing Caverns believes the new overgrowth to be a leftover from the nightmares he battled while trapped in the Emerald Dream. 

Dustwallow Marsh  
A highway has been built across the marsh from Theramore to the Southern Barrens. An attack on the Grimtotem is made made to look like the Alliance is responsible. The Stonemaul Ogre clan continues its battles against the brood of Onxyia, despite her death. 

The Naga are searching for way into the realm of water. The Cenarion Circle, based out of the Regrowth, moves to defeat the Naga with an aerial bombing campaign. The Cenarion Circle also works to unite the three centaur clans of Desolace - the Kolkar, the Magram, and the Gelkis. The three clans mount a united attack on the Burning Blade and defeat Agogridon, a Pitlord directing their activities. 

Ysondre, a former dragon of the nightmare, says the signs of corruption the wildlife are her fault. She challenges and defeats the last of the dragons of nightmare, and seals the portal to the nightmare. At Stonemaul Hold, the Stonemaul Ogres are recruited to fight the Gordunni Ogres who are receiving powerful orbs from Cho’gall.  In the Darkmist Ruins the demon Sensiria is accidentally set free. In Camp Mojache waves of refugees are pouring in from Thousand Needles. 

Thousand Needles  
The Grimtotem clan has ambushed those displaced by the flooding of Thousand Needles. The struggle against the Grimtotem becomes an all-out search for Magatha. She is found in the hands of the Twilight’s Hammer, who are trying to finish off whats left of Thousand Needles. Once freed, she helps to stop the Twilight’s Hammer before disappearing, threatening violence if persued. Checking in on Fizzle and Pozzik finds the survivors of the flood on a speedbarge in the middle of the newly created Shimmering Deep. They come under siege by the Southsea Freebooters, leading to a haunting encounter with their leader, Tony Two-Tusk.     

The Bilgewater Cartel is trying to enter the Gadgetzan market. Steamweedle Port has been destroyed by the cataclysm, and Tanaris has a new bay. The Bilgewaters’ competition is fierce, they must contend against a cartel of gnomes. Hot air balloons, giant slaying, and battles with pirates, raise stakes for both sides. At Bootlegger Outpost, continued measures to destroy the silithid including mind control and explosives are employed. A Titan Relic, discovered while Recruiting the Dunemaul Ogres for the Horde, leads to the gates of Uldum. The cataclysm has heavily damaged the entrance to Uldum, and also opened up another path into Uldum. 

Un’goro Crater  
The Marshal Expedition has relocated itself to an area south of Fireplume Ridge. The original site is now over run with hostile Stone Guardians. While investigating the Pylons in the mountains around Un’goro, Nablya, a servant of the titans, reveals herself and asks for help with her research in the Shapers Terrance. She mentions Brann Bronzebeard being on the brink of another discovery. Meanwhile, Maximillian of Northshire patrols the crater, slaying dragons and saving damsels. 

The Druids of Cenarion Hold continue to work at containing the Silithid swarms.