Wrath of the Lich King

World Event 

Scarlet Enclave

Howling Fjord
At Vengeance Landing the Forsaken forces struggle with Alliance for control of the Shoreline. Further inland they struggle with a race of giants named the Valkyl. They worship the Valkyr, servants of the Lich King. They await the “Gift of the Valkyr” which will return them from death, making them immortal.  Blood Prince Keleseth controls the Valkyl from Utgarde Keep. The Forsaken have created a new plague capable of killing living and undead alike, but it has no effect on the Valkyl. The Forsaken seek to correct this flaw at New Agamand. At camp Winterhoof the Taunka are fighting the Valkyl in the town of Skorn. After a series of successful raids, the Taunka turn their attention on Gjalorbron, where Queen Angerboda is using scourge magic to resurrect the dead King Ymiron. The Queen is killed but the Lich King intervenes and finishes the ritual. King Ymiron retreats to Utgarde Pinnacle. A group of Iron Dwarves are enslaving Runed Giants as they travel north into Grizzly Hills. At the same time, Worgen are coming south out of Grizzly Hills for an unknown reason. An Apothacary Camp traveling to the Dragonblight has discovered a dig site of the Explorers League. The entire camp has gone crazy and are hearing voices.

Borean Tundra
Garrosh Hellscream and Overlord Saurfang lead the horde forces in Borean Tundra. Nurubians siege Warsong Hold as the Sourge builds their forces to the west. A farm in the west is being used as a breeding ground for scourge. Saurfang helps to destroy the spawning grounds, the Nerubians tunnels are bombed shut and Horde tanks are unleashed on the western scourge forces. Kvaldir forces have laid siege to Garrosh’s Landing, Riplash Stand, and the Kalu’ak village of Kaskala, cutting off supplies. They seek to awaken ancient beasts in the cold seas. They are repulsed and their leaders are slain.The Kirin Tor and the Red dragonflight have united to stop the Blue Dragonflight, as Malygos has declared war on all magic users. Keristrasza is freed from Malygos’ prison. She slays Saragosa, earning Malygos’ wrath. Within the Nexus, Keristrasza is broken to Malygos’ will and is slain. Concerned elements of the Cenarion Circle have created D.E.H.T.A, a group dedicated to protecting the animals of Northrend. This brings them into conflict with the Nestingwary Expedition. Alliance gnomes, believing they were rebuilding a titan relic, reassemble Mechazod, a mechanical gnome who seeks to “decurse” all flesh. Mechazod and his mechanical armies are confronted and destroyed. The Taunka of Taunka’le Village are besieged on all sides and are fleeing into the Dragonblight. The Nerubians are invading nearby areas, and the Scourge are building a stronghold in the scourge city of En’Kilah. The wicked Prince Valanaar, commander of the Scourge forces, is killed in a daring raid on the necropolis Naxxanar.


Grizzly Hills 


Sholazar Basin 

Storm Peaks


Obsidian Sanctum


The Eye of Eternity

Patch 3.1 - Secrets of Ulduar 


Patch 3.2 - Call of the Crusade

The Black Knight

Hrothgar's Landing

Trial of the Champion

Trial of the Crusader

Patch 3.3 - Fall of the Lich King

Icecrown Citadel

Ruby Sanctum