Mists of Pandaria

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War (Novel) 
After the defeat of Deathwing, the Blue Dragonflight decides to move the Focusing Iris to a secret location beneath the Frozen Sea, to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. However, the escort party is ambushed and killed, and the Artifact is stolen. The former Blue Aspect Kalecgos goes after the Iris but is unable to locate it, as it is being moved around with magic constantly.

Garrosh gathers the leaders of the Horde together and launches a campaign to take over the whole of Kalimdor, starting with Northwatch Hold and Theramore, and then moving north into Ashenvale once the Alliance is prevented from helping the Night Elves. Garrosh has a new bobyguard, a Blackrock Orc named Malkorok. Baine and Vol'jin mistrust Malkorok, and question the wisdom of Garrosh’s plans, but ultimately decide to follow the will of the Horde.

Kalec asks Rhonin for help. He sends Kalec to Jaina. Jaina and her new apprentice Kinndy Sparkshine attempt to help him locate the Iris, but to no avail.  The Iris is still in constant motion and cannot be pinpointed.

The Horde takes Northwatch Hold in a united effort. During the battle, Garrosh has shamans create elemental beasts to conquer the Alliance. The Horde makes camp and begins to wait. Baine, horrified by the shaman’s actions, sends a runner to Jaina, along with Fearbreaker, to warn her of the dark magic Garrosh is using.

Jaina appeals to Stormwind and to the Kirin Tor for help. Stormwind sends its 7th fleet and several great generals, and Dalaran sends a few magi to help defend, including Rhonin and Veressa. Kalec gives up his search to help as well, as he has developed feelings for Jaina, and wishes to protect her.

The Horde attacks Theramore. After initally breaching the gates, they are forced back out. As the wounded and injured are being helped, Kalec detects the Iris headed toward Theramore. A goblin airship with a Mana Bomb attached flies over Theramore. Kalec realizes the Iris is powering the bomb. He trys to stop the airship, but is wounded and fails. Rhonin pulls the bomb toward Jaina’s Tower, to contain the blast as much as possible. Jaina tries to help Rhonin, but he pushes Jaina through a portal as Theramore is destroyed.

Jaina awakens on a nearby island, traumatized; her hair and eyes bleached white from the arcane blast. She returns to Theramore and sees everyone dead. Consumed with rage and hate, she then steals the Focusing Iris from the ruins, and heads for Stormwind. Only Vereessa, Shandaris Feathermoon, Kalec, and some women and children survive, as they are on ships bound for Gadgetzan when the bomb explodes.

Jaina goes to Varian and Anudin, demanding revenge. They refuse to attack Orgimmar in retaliation. She calls Varian and Anudin cowards and goes to Dalaran, to appeal to the Kirin Tor. They refuse to aid her with revenge, so she steals a tome about using the Focusing Iris from the Library, and heads to Fray Island to plot her revenge. Varian gets a fleet together to fight a Horde ship blockade. They head for Orgrimmar.

Jaina uses the Iris to combine hundreds of Water Elementals into a tidal wave that she intends to unleash on Orgrimmar. Thrall tries stopping her but fails. Kalec manages to get Jaina to stop. She then realizes she would have destroyed the Alliance fleet as well.

Varian and Garrosh fight again, as the two navies collide in Bladefist Bay. The battle is interrupted when the Horde’s secret weapon is deployed. Giant Kraken begin to tear apart the Alliance navy,but Jaina uses some of the summoned water elementals help the Alliance. Garrosh retreats and the Alliance retake Northwatch Hold.

Jaina and Kalec return to Dalaran. She returns the tome to them and Kalec gives them the Focusing Iris for safe keeping. They ask to join the Kirin Tor as novice members, but the council decides to make her the leader. Kalec is also admitted, as the blue dragonflight has gone their seperate ways, and he has nothing else let. Jaina and Kalec kiss, and begin their new relationship.

In Orgrimmar, the drums of war have sounded. All orcs capable of fighting are recruited, and all decent is being crushed by the Kor’kron Guard. In Ironforge, weapons are being made. The war has begun.

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