Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pearl of Pandaria Review!

Published by DC Comics!

So with that warning aside, I will continue. Long story short, this book is amazing. It has a beautiful, unique art style, and a well written story, which is actually continued in the Quest for Pandaria short story on the main World of Warcraft site!

Set during the War against the Lich King, this is the story of Li Li Stormstout, and her quest to find her Uncle Chen, who left the Wandering Isle years ago, never to return. Being that Pandarens are a rare sight around Azeroth, it doesn't take her long to draw unwanted attention!

I won't say much about the story, but you really should read this one. It has some really great lore in it, of which I will briefly mention two plot developments.

Brewfest. We get the origin, the reasons for the dark iron attacks on Brewfest celebrations, and the reason Coren Direbrew is a holiday boss. It's jolly good fun!

Naga. Yes, the Naga are in this book. Well, one specific witch is in this book. She is looking for the Pearl of Pandaria, which, according to the Quest for Pandaria series, can show you what you want to see...
...and it seems the Naga really want to find Pandaria, but can't seem to locate it. Hmmm. Interesting plot development, and this is before the Cataclysm even happened, so the events in Vashj'ir haven't happened yet! Could we see some Naga action in the new expansion?

In fact, with Alliance, Horde, Zalandari and Mogu forces, the Mantid, the Sha, and now the Naga all having an interest in Pandaria, it would seem the poor island should have stayed hidden in the mists! Why did the mists let up anyway?

Seriously, you can get this one on the cheap at Amazon, and you really should read it!

And now back to questing!

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