Friday, December 9, 2011


We have all been had. N’zoth just won, and no one is the wiser.

For long time I was convinced that Sergeras was the endgame. The Burning Legion was the last stop on the World of Warcraft journey. I was sure of it. Then I saw the final Cataclysm cutscene. You know, the one we all watched even though we hadn’t downed Deathwing yet. It was so… anti-climactic.

Come at me Thrall!!


The Dragonflights gave up all of their power to stop one of their own. They gave everything to stop Deathwing. Fools. By turning the Dragonflights agasinst each other, the Old Gods got everything they could want and more.

The Horde has been turned over to a mad man (er.. orc?), hell bent on war and conquest. Thrall, who was a million times more patient and kind, was pulled into the conflict with Deathwing in an effort to help the elementals of Azeroth. The Horde hangs together by threads.

Varian is also hot headed. Leading the Alliance in directions not even the players are agreeing with. Varian is rash and dangerous to those around him. He also doesn’t seem to trust other races in the Alliance. The Alliance too, seems to be barely holding together.

And even though Deathwing has fallen, N’zoth still remains, hidden, watching and waiting. While we bested his strongest champions, it has cost everything to do so. And he still has a piece on the board.


She's way hotter without the scales.

She was formally introduced in the new Well of Eternity dungeon. They made a mistake by not presenting Deathwing to the players beforehand, causing a lukewarm reception at best. Blizzard won’t repeat that mistake.

And, what was Azshara doing in the Well of Eternity dungeon anyway?

Summoning the Legion to Azeroth!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble....
 N’zoth is breaking us.

The Twilights Hammer started the war in Ashenvale.

Deathwing shattered the world, unveiling things once hidden beneath the surface.

The Earth Warder is now dead, and the Dragonflights are now powerless.

The titans think flesh is a curse, so contacting them might be a bad move, assuming we even could.

If we don’t manage to kill each other, the Burning Legion would be willing to finish the Job.

The Burning Legion has a million reasons to want into Azeroth, including the orcs and the Dreanei (and Valen in particular).

Azshara knows how to open the door.


Meanwhile, on Panderia…..

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