Monday, March 19, 2012

The Final Boss of Mists

So I read the giant press release on MMO Champion about Mists... and I feel slightly better about where this is going now. Understand that as a lore nerd, I was very disappointed with the end of Cataclysm. So disappointed that I stopped blogging, even stopped playing, for a good length of time. I really felt like Mists was a massive digression that had little to do with the story of Warcraft. Honestly, we should be chasing Naga, Trolls and or an Old God at the moment, not playing Columbus discovering Pandaria....

I claim this land.... Is that a giant fucking panda?

The press release confirms that at least SOME of the plot points left dangling in Cata will be addressed in Mists. We have confirmation that Lilian Voss will return in Heroic Scolomance. The War between Horde and Alliance will amp way up, with futher escalations in the pre and post release patches, which is kinda nice. The pandas seem to be connected to the distant past, which may give us more hints at what the hell is going on that we aren't seeing. Also, the expansion also DOES have a final boss - Garrosh.

Come at me bro!
This is interesting. During the lead into Cataclysm, there was talk that Garrosh would segregate Orgimmar. He would be a controversial leader, and divide the Horde. Instead he added the Dragonmaw, and demanded the Horde fight with Honor, discouraging Sylvanas from using chemical warfare, and killing a general for using a WMD. Garrosh may be aggressive, but he has been a leader.

So what dark path will Garrosh walk, such that the Horde and the Alliance will unite IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR to bring him down. Will he be corrupted? Sha? Old God? Power? Will he die, fallen to corruption like his father Grom?

Grom was redeemed in the end, and died a hero. What fate now awaits young Garrosh? ...and who will be the next Warchief?

The mysteries of Pandaria don't intrigue me near as much as the mysteries in Orgrimmar.

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