Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Release date!

So September 25th. Two months from now. Guess its time to start blogging again... Been reading, a lot. Also been exploring the Alliance side of the Warcraft story, as I have been horde for most of my wow experience. Will update the timelines, or whatever they are soon. Goal is to have toons at max level on both sides to explore Pandaria at the same time. ya know, for lore and stuff.

As far as lore goes, The following goodies are all incoming soon:
  • Tides of War on August 28th.
  • Pearl of Pandaria on Sept 11th.
  • Quest for Pandaria (a short story) sometime before the expansion hits.
  • Mists of Pandaria on Sept 25th.
 They seem to follow that general order as far as time-frames are concerned, so lots of good stuff is coming!  I also noticed that Michael Stackpole is writing a WoW book that is due out in April of next year. A new voice joins the wowverse!

Also no word on the Alliance and Horde Graphic novels.....

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