Sunday, July 29, 2012

Y’shaarj! (MOP SPOILERS!!)

Photo from wowpedia.

Over on Scrolls of Lore, some new info on Mists of Pandaria is leaking out. It seems the Sha may in fact be connected to the Old Gods after all. Apparently, the Mantid worship a seven headed deity that the Titans destroyed. This deity, named Y’shaarj, breathed a horrible nightmare onto the land (Pandaria) with his dying breath. The speculation is just now setting in, and this could all be horribly wrong. But as one member posted, this could be why the Old Gods are not killable. If they die, they poison the land with Sha, hence the efforts to imprison them. This would make the stained glass in Ulduar more of a warning than a decoration. That also makes four Old Gods in Azeroth.

If that is the lesson we learn from Pandaria, I wonder if that doesn’t shed some light on what corrupts Garrosh. We still have N’zoth running around with the Naga. What if Garrosh makes a move against N’zoth, somehow kills him, then gets corrupted by N’zoth’s Sha. The pursuit of great honor would cost him everything.  But this kind of story arc would fit well with his character, and add a tragic twist. I can see a number of ways to make this happen, but I’ll wait to predict anything else.

One final thought. If N’zoth were to die in this expansion, that would leave Azshara and the Naga in bad shape, as they are controlling the Elemental Plane of Water at the moment with the help of N’zoth. Without a powerful ally, perhaps she would again seek the aid of the Burning Legion…

Cannot possibly wait for September 25th!

They are talking about this on the WOW forums here.

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